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24th December 2011

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Seriously, America?: Whistles →





What we used to do back in the day in college classes where male professors made sexist comments… we brought whistles to class, and every time the man said “girl” or made a demeaning “nice” comment about women, we literally blew the whistle.

In a theology…

Nice idea

This is a cool idea, but I don’t like how the article discriminates against men :/ I mean, I’d be all up on this, and most of the guys I hang out with don’t make sexist comments. And what about the female teachers? Are the female teachers going to be whistled, too? What about sexism against men? Is that going to be whistled?

Yes, of course female teachers should be whistled. I think the article focuses on men cause we all know where Patriarchy is coming from and who is actively making sure it will always stay in place, but it’s because too many women are webbed into this way of thinking, for multiple reasons which would deserve a post on their own, that sexism stays as strong as it is. Yes, women can be sexist against women too, actually they are often, and that is part of the problem. So yes, if whistles have to be, they have to be whenever sexism is spotted. 

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    Yes, of course female teachers should be whistled. I think the article focuses on men cause we all know where Patriarchy...
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    As am I!
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    Cause ALL the feminist shennanigans! I might start doing this. It’s brilliant.
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    That’s a great idea! :P
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    I am in love with this idea.
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