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13th March 2012

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Lets make this CLEAR! I am polysexual. PERIOD. Dont request that I place myself in any other box. I am not taken. Will not be “taken” ever again. My soul is free. I love freely, and if you question this in a negative manner or have something negative to say about it, then you can go ahead and remove yourself from my life.
I am sick of defending myself, being called a slut, or bi, or whatever label they have for me. Bottom-line, I love. I love freely. I didnt get a say so in the “traditional rules” of “love”. All the punishments and rules that govern you, your heart, your life under those rules I had NO SAY SO IN THEM. FUCK THAT! I control me. I create my own fate. I am NOT living by some patriarchal white fucks rule on how I use my bed, direct my heart, or my body. Fuck tradition. Fuck rules. I have this ONE life, and I will live it as I DAMN WELL PLEASE. This is not a fucking test run. And I will not be told who, what, where, why, and when I am allowed to listen to myself. I’m over that. I’ve been over that for some time. I just had a lover threaten if they found a man in my life. WTF? “I’m ok with women, but I’ll kill a man”. Really? A threat? No thanks, you can peace the fuck out. I’m me. Always will be. Always have been. DEUCES! I love. I’m a lover. Label me what you please (slut, gets around, confused, player, what the fuck ever)… I’m living, and by MY rules, as this is MY life, and what goes on in my heart, body, and bed is MY business. PERIOD. ♥ Thats what is going on. And this from a “lover” who supposedly “accepted me 100%”. Funniest shit, I’ve ONLY been dedicating myself to them as that is how I feel right now, but I needed some ME time… literally just ME, and I got that threat. Very nice to wake to. So, I’m making my statement clear. To the world. Official. This is me. Love me or hate me. And if it is the latter, GET THE FUCK TO STEPPING, as NOT ONE FUCK WILL BE GIVEN AS YOU AND YOUR NEGATIVE PATRIARCHAL ASS WALKS AWAY… end of rant. HAH! ♥’s and kisses kittens. Please and thanks. ♥ Nikkita!
- [The mighty Nikkita Oh]

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