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22nd November 2011

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What we used to do back in the day in college classes where male professors made sexist comments… we brought whistles to class, and every time the man said “girl” or made a demeaning “nice” comment about women, we literally blew the whistle.

In a theology class, every time the male professor used “he” as the pronoun for god, we blew our whistles. It took about a week for these men to stop the sexist words. No shouting needed, just 20 plus women with whistles, plus handing out leaflets explaining the use of the whistles.

Women need to participate in large groups (100 plus), with whistles and stop watches to time male vs. female speech. Women interrupted by other men — whistles could blow loudly while he talked.

It was amazing to see how nervous those male teachers were when the women came in with whistles around their necks. And we poured on the pressure by blowing them if the male made a “joke” to deal with the women standing up against sexism in the classroom. Interestingly enough, no other male students supported this action, and often confused sexist speech with freedom of speech. Heaven forbid that men would loose the power of freedom of speech to call women names, grab mics away from women, and threaten women with harm for speaking up against male supremacy.

From, by Lucinda Marshall 

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